Fear The White

ft. Acdmnd$, Beats by Noff, and MC Yuki

Welcome to "Fear The White" a thrilling event dedicated to celebrating the aspiring artists and rap groups hailing from the City of San Carlos 2420. Join us as we pay homage to the rich history and fearless spirit of the Carleñans, famously known as "Amputi Layag" or "White Ears."

"Amputi Layag" Origin: -Carleñans or the people of San Carlos City were traditionally called "Amputi Layag" (white ears) at the time of Malong's Revolt in 1660. It was said that Malong's men would cut the ears of the Spaniards they killed and hanged them on a pole. Which signifies success and bravery of the warrior.This is told by Reverend Father Jesus Ch. Mendoza, a Capuchin priest from San Carlos City, himself a historian of note. Up to now, some people still call the Carleñans as "amputi layag" to signify fearlessness and bravado of the people from San Carlos City.


Minor Daemon(DMN)

DMN picture

-DMN, consisting of Dhany and Baby face August, is an aspiring rap duo who have been friends since the ages of 14 and 15. Now 18 and 19, they are currently in their Senior high level (Grade 12). Dhany and Baby face August became best friends during their early teenage years, bonding over their love for hip-hop music and rap. Inspired by the artists they admired, they decided to embark on their musical journey together. Their mutual love for the genre and complementary skills quickly made them a formidable team. With their captivating verses and high-energy performances, DMN is quickly making a name for themselves in the local rap scene.

Urbiztondo Clique'ss

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-Urbiztondo Clique'ss, a rap group formed in 2022, Pioneered by Carti Macc, an aspiring rap artist and skater, Influenced by rap legends such as Biggie, Tupac, Kendrick, and J. Cole, Carti Macc discovered his passion for rap early in life. Formerly one of the vital member of 2420 crew, he embarked on a new mission to inspire others to share experiences and wisdom through music. With the motto "no one is above or below," the group aims to break free from life's rat race and spread awareness through their explicit verses.

2420 crew

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-The 2420 Crew is a pioneering rap group from San Carlos City, Pangasinan. It holds the distinction of being the first-ever rap group in the area.One of the original founding members, Joshua Esmenda, played a crucial role in initiating the formation of the 2420 Crew. Hailing from Paranaque, he began his music career at the young age of 13 with "Bicuthugs," a group affiliated with the reputable Blind Rhyme Productions. Joshua later moved to San Carlos City to pursue his studies, and it was here that he became a driving force behind the creation of the 2420 Crew. This group was established in 2020, during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. As time passed,2420 Crew saw the departure of some of its members, including DMN (Daemon Minor) and Urbiztondo Clique'ss, who ventured out to create their own rap groups and pursue their own musical paths. Despite these changes, the 2420 Crew's legacy as the pioneering rap collective in San Carlos City remains a significant milestone in the local music scene.

Beats by Noff

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Noff is an Artist/Producer who hails from the streets of Dagtown experimenting with lofi hip-hop music. It all started as a hobby of making beats during the pandemic lockdown. He then realized how therapeutic making music was for him. He is a laid-back lifestyle producer who enjoys the process of sampling which is a technique widely known in the hip-hop producer community. He usually makes smooth/chill boom-bap type beats for he is heavily influenced by the sounds of the late-great producers, Nujabes & J-Dilla. He's an artist who makes music to express his feelings through beats and rhymes.

MC Yuki

Mc Yuki picture

Yuki is a multi-talented artist who started his career as a rapper, composer, and vlogger. He was actually one of the initial members of the 2420 Crew, the OG rap group in San Carlos City. MC Yuki's evolution from a rapper to an EDM artist and MC demonstrates his versatility and adaptability in the music industry. With his newfound passion for EDM, he was able to compose ''Drop'' and ''Bounce''. Under the mentorship of DJ Da Huan, his talent and skills flourished, leading him to make a name for himself in the club scene. He performed at various venues in Pangasinan, La Union, and Manila, where he had the privilege to collaborate with exceptionally talented DJs and MCs, further enriching his musical journey. These experiences contributed to his success in the club scene and beyond.


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- Rap trio from Antipolo City starring $kinny G, Mic iLL, and Awie


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Meet "Shotbysix" the official photographer for Hustlemill's Fear the white event. He will be the one capturing all the stylish and flashy moments, so make sure to show off your best looks and get ready to flex that drip!!